Extended Bio

Elizabeth Aloni

I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I spent the first half of my college career at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. That’s a natural transition isn’t it? O.k., maybe not. Then I finished my college career at Hofstra University in Long Island. O.k. maybe a little more predictable but the truth is, my first day at Hofstra I met a girl from Wisconsin. Really!

Throughout my college career, I majored in psychology. My thesis was "Conversation Style Differences Between Men and Women" Upon graduation, I moved to NYC, joined a consumer promotion organization where I put my psychology training into promotion and advertising sales and consulting. I spent 8 years with News America Marketing, a division of News Corporation, as a sales assistant, a sales executive and then a sales manager. After 7 years of living in NYC, I decided to make a big change and moved to Los Angeles.

My time with News America Marketing allowed me to be a Coach and a Consultant to my Clients. That was my favorite part. I also loved working with so many different types of people in varied industries. But this wasn’t it for me. So as my 30th birthday approached, I left News America Marketing to follow my bliss. What bliss? Hmmm.

I participated in a Spiritual Psychology Masters Program at the University of Santa Monica (USM). I have always been drawn to spirituality and finding a way to integrate it in my life. At USM I learned how to facilitate growth in others and myself. The program focused on relationships and I loved talking about relationships! Lots of stuff started to make sense.

I did a brief stint acting. I had always wanted to be an Actress when I was growing up and here I was in LA so I figured I would go for it. I threw myself into it 110% with classes and improv and marketing. I did some commercials and infomercials. In fact, late at night, you may catch me chatting about an electric toothbrush or an air purifier!

After a short time I realized Acting wasn’t my bliss but I did find myself once again Coaching. Coaching actors on their careers and romances. My friends were coming to me for relationship and career advice and I LOVED it.

In 2002 I began my business, EJoy Coaching, starting with friends and then started attracting clients. I have narrowed my focus to my expertise and favorite stuff: helping people to create richer relationships.

Since the launch of EJoy Coaching in 2002, I have served as an ongoing Coach for Spark Networks, owners of jdate.com and other dating sites. I published the book The Mating Manual (available on Amazon.com), been featured on NBC’s Average Joe as the makeover Coach, served as a Relationship Coach for Club Med trips, conducted seminars on relationships, sales and business and coached hundreds of one-on-one clients.

In 2004, following my own dating advice, I met my soulmate and now husband Sam. Since then we have lived in San Francisco, Chicago and now live in Dallas, Texas where we are raising our sweet boy, Jonah.

In 2010, I became a certfied Bringing Baby Home™ educator. I currently conduct workshops and seminars to educate expectant couples and parents to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills needed to cope constructively with the changes brought about by the birth of a child.