EJoy Testimonials

"I would tell anyone who asks that Elizabeth is insightful about dating, she has many usable tips and best of all, she is genuine. Incidentally her public speaking skills are amazing, she's kinda like Julia Roberts, men fall in love with her and women want to be her friend."

Michelle, recently engaged 30-something

"Working with Elizabeth has made a major paradigm shift in the way I approach the j-date and overall dating scene in whole, which I have seen instant results which will hopefully blossom into something much more than the standard awkwardness and kind of "running to stand still" that is life without Elizabeth."

Lance Siegel

"When I met with Elizabeth it was my last and final plea to resolve a relationship issue I had been dealing with for over five years. I felt confused and like no one could help. Elizabeth listened as though she was my best friend, non-judgmental, sincere and empathetic. Moreover, she asked me just the right questions to allow me to see a clearer picture and a resolution. She offered advice and multiple suggestions of additional things I could do on my own to resolve the issue. During this time Elizabeth made crucial statements about relationships and love that are forever imbedded in my brain. I know her advice has already helped me and will impact me for the rest of my life. Thanks Elizabeth!"

Nicolle Bevins

"My Coach is amazing! I tell you, all the "how to" books about your industry will not make much of a difference if you are the one sabotaging your own success. (Especially if you don't even know how to stop yourself) She is both a great career coach and yet has the personal touch that makes the path easy to tread. She has helped me see things that I did not realize were working against me. Not to mention she holds me to account on things I say I am going to do. Very Cool!"

Kelly, Photographer

"We're so incredibly proud and fortunate to have you in our lives!!! Thanks for all the wonderful things you do?the inspiration, courage, compassion, and friendship."

Jennifer & Arturo Fis

"I value Elizabeth?s commitment, dedication, creativity, positive outlook?her values, her integrity...her intelligence, versatility, passion to help people, follow up, she practices what she "coaches", ease with which she works, responsible, up for a challenge, she is an overall shining example of who a successful person is."

Jessica, actress/writer/director

"I am inspired to tell you how much benefit I think Elizabeth brings to our company. She brings a unique perspective that I think is needed and appreciated. She has offered us her email address which we can use to ask specific questions. I, for one, think that this can be a powerful tool if we use it. I will defiantly be utilizing her expertise."

Rocco, Internet Dating Executive

"Elizabeth's insight and advice is invaluable. She has a unique ability to help you get right to the source of any issues that are holding you back from achieving your desired relationship and life goals."


"Elizabeth is incredible. She quickly understands you as a person, does not hesitate to tell it like it is, and has a passion for helping you improve. She understands the dynamics of dating relationships and has incredible insights and advice."

Michael F.

"Elizabeth, all I can say is you bring hope, love and straight talk to my life. I love you for that."