Fertility Coaching

If you find yourself having a hard time getting pregnant or receiving a diagnosis of “infertility” it can trigger a profound sense of loss and fear.

It can generate agonizing uncertainty about the prospect of parenthood. It can leave you feeling alone, despondent, even depressed. It can impact important relationships, plans, and aspirations.

You are thrust into a whole new world that may seem complicated and overwhelming. Significant people in your life may not understand how you’re feeling, what you’re suffering or the difficult choices that lie ahead. You may currently be or considering undergoing fertility treatments that may be invasive and painful.

EJoy Fertility Coaching can help you deal with whatever lies within and ahead.

Are you saying “yes” to these questions?

  • Are you ready to have a baby but finding that your or your partner’s body is not cooperating?
  • Are you feeling scared, angry, frustrated and/or hopeless?
  • Are you thinking about or are you going through fertility treatments?
  • Have you suffered a miscarriage?
  • Is the journey to having a baby putting a strain on your relationship?

Let Elizabeth help?

With EJoy Fertility Coaching you will:

  • Create loving and successful communication with your partner.
  • Overcome grief.
  • Create balance in your life on your baby journey.
  • Find support throughout your journey.
  • Gain clarity about the right methods and treatments for you.
  • Reduce the strain in your relationship.
  • Create a peaceful environment for a baby to be conceived and nurtured.